Photographers Beware: Do Not Read, This WILL Infuriate You

15 Mar

After publishing some photographs that I took in Paris last week, I was overwhelmed by the positive comments and feedback that I received upon releasing them into the blogging world. Some called them ‘inspirational’ and booked their trips to the City of Light, others ‘delightful’ and if memory serves, I believe the pictures even received a ‘stunning’ or two.

Now, I don’t like to toot my own horn, but even I have to agree that those pictures were pretty awesome. Toot toot!

To add to the flattery, once the post was published I also received several emails and Facebook queries from curious readers and ‘real’ photographers who were intrigued enough to solicit a little more information from me, such as: Did I freelance? Was I in Paris to shoot? What equipment did I use? And of course, all of these questions were speckled with an assortment of photography abbreviations: SLR, WCon, OOF, OC.

Admittedly, upon reading those abbreviations, one of my own immediately sprung to mind: WTF. As in, WTF do those abbreviations mean? As I’m sure it has now become abundantly clear, I am not a professional photographer (gasp) and quite frankly, the only SLR that I have ever heard of is a Mercedes Benz.

Now, this is the part that is really going to infuriate the professional photographers out there, the ones who spend thousands of dollars on high tech photographic equipment and who really know what SLR means… The truth is, I actually shot my photos with none other than my plain old iPhone 4s. Albeit, a blinged-out one. And furthermore, half of those photos were actually taken from the passenger seat of a moving Renault.

There, I said it.

I know, OMG.

I’ll admit, it probably would have been fun to masquerade as a professional photographer who could boast complex equipment for at least a little while, but alas, in the end I just couldn’t take the credit away from my trusty little iPhone. Granted, sometimes I wish I could ring Siri’s neck (pun intended), but then I think of all of the good times that we’ve shared: The drunken texts it has sent for me. The banking it has allowed me to do which has funded those nights in which the drunken texts were sent. And not to mention of course, the fabulous little blinged-out cover that it wears for me, purely to make me look cute, even though it knows that wearing diamonds before noon is tacky.

Here is one more photo, shot from my blinged-out iPhone, just for good measure:


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